I love BST

  1. Instead of missing an hours sleep I got to miss an hours work... I LOVE BST
    It was wonderful going from 0159 to 0300 in the blink of an eye.

    Probably really sad to get so excited about missing an hours work, but I had last nights shift booked weeks in advanced!and this year I wasn't sucked into working the other way (back to GMT) when you work an extra hour!!

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  3. by   Mike RGN
    Did you get paid for the hour you did not work.
    Its like the icing on the cake.
  4. by   Whisper
    nope, unfortunately, but I was just that exicted at being able to leave early that I just didn't care.
  5. by   nexus
    I love BST too even though I was off at the w/end and should have begrudged my hour less in bed.

    If the Scottish farmers want to put their clocks back again in October, let them!
    Why should we? We are a different country after all.

    But then I guess, BST would be GMT - very confusing.
  6. by   kermit27
    At my hospital, the Bank staff get an extra hour's pay, but the regular staff don't. It's assumed that the regular's got the other end of the stick in October, whether you worked the night or not!
  7. by   Whisper
    well the bank staff get payed for the extra hour the other way so I guess it works out fair!

    not sure about the regular staff though