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  1. HELP!!!!I'm am presently in my 3rd semester of Nursing school in Quebec, intensive program. In december 2008, I will be graduating with a College diploma in nursing, I will have to pass the OIIQ exam, and I'll be a registered nurse. The thing is, to be a registered nurse seems to be complecated in Canada, and getting information....even worst.

    I want to be able to work as a RN anywhere in Canada, I know that many provinces only accept the BSN or BN. I am planing on doing a bachelor but part time since I really need to start working. But I do not think I will stay in Quebec. Where do they accept the RN diploma within Canada? and how can I make sure I have the degree which will allow me to work anywhere I want?

    Ok, second problem. I want to eventually have a specialized degree. I am thinking about, neonatal, lactation specialist or wound care. What kind of degree do I need for this, bachelor or master?

    If nobody can answer my question maybe someone knows where I can get the information.

    Thank you all for reading,

    Miss Chablis
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  3. by   lalaxton
    You will have to contact the College of Nurses in the province you are thinking about moving to. Each province has different criteria.
    As far as specializing, at minimum you should have your BScN, if you want to be a Clinical Nurse Specialist or a Nurse Practitioner you would then need your Masters.
    Hope this helps