How long does it take for hospital to get DoL certificate

  1. Hello again everyone

    Just wondering about time frames. I have my visascreen cert now, and im seriously considering taking a post in Orlando. The hospital has asked for me to visit them to have a lookaround and meet the Boss of my potential dept. They have said that they can offer me a job and help with immigration. Im getting married at the begining of June 06 so I would like to establish a realistic time for arrival in the US.

    Im going to take all my documents to florida when I go so that if I accept the job I would be able to provide the hospital lawyer with all the needed forms so he/she could get cracking with the I-140. A freind of mine told me that the labour certificate takes ages and the hospital would need this first before they could apply for immigration?
    Also would it be difficult to endorse my license from California to Florida as I dont have a SSN# could i use my employers number so california could release my license

    cheers again
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Your license can be quickly endorsed once you get your SSN# and this can be done during the immigration process. Your employers' number will not do you any good as you are required to have your own license number.

    Everything depends on how fast that your hospital and attorney process things, that is where your hold-up is. I know of nurses that have had the enitre process done and have a green card in hand in about six months. But that is if you do things right now, times change all of the time.

    Example, one of my students had her documents submitted in September and she is expecting her EAD in the next five weeks or so, one of my other students already over here, was hired almost threee months earler, and she won't get her EAD for another three months. It all depends on how quickly that the actual documents get submitted.
  4. by   t.turnbull
    Cheers for the quick response Suzanne your help is brilliant.

    Do you think I should push on a get my I-140 submitted as I am getting married in 8 months time and take a chance that it will take longer for them to process my application.
    would it possible for me to slow the process down once started because I think you have to name your spouse in packet 3 and if that comes before our wedding could I delay responding for a couple of months if needed.
    Obviously were planning starting our married live in the us asap after the wedding.
    Also im aware that the 50000 visas are being issued and would not like to delay the application and riske waiting years for a visa.

    any suggestions would be appreciated

    thanks again Trevor
  5. by   suzanne4
    My suggestion would be to go for the I-140 processing as soon as possible. If you can get a fire under them, you could easily have your green card before the wedding. I would push for the processing right away, if those 50,000 get used up you could be waiting much longer.

    If your fiance is from the UK, and you get your green card quickly, she would be able to come over on a fiancee visa, or even tourist visa until things get donw for her. Right now, worry about getting the green card for yourself and as quickly as possible. The 50,000 are not based on what you get I-140 approval, but when the actual visa number is assigned to you.

    You are quite lucky that you are from the UK and not from some of the other countries that require an actual visa to visit the US.
  6. by   Todd-RN
    Suzanne, could you please explain to me, when the visa number is assigned in consular processing? I've heard different opinions from "the number is assigned, when the case is forwarded to the US-Embassy" to "the consular officer in the Embassy assigns it". I am going through a European US-Consulate.

    Do you know, how it really works? Thanks for your thoughts and insight!
  7. by   suzanne4
    Depends on the Embassy. Things are done quite different in Europe than Asia. It will depend on the specific country where you will be going for your interview.

    Both of those times are quite close together in Europe, on a normal basis. In the UK, they set up their own appointments for the interview.