How do you keep your US RN License active while waiting for GC ?

  1. Hello everybody,

    I was very proud when I got my US RN License. Unfortunately, I cannot actually use it because of the retrogression and had no luck in finding a sponsor for an H1B visa. Now, I was still offered a sponsorship for a GC, but I was afraid of taking it because of so many years of waiting and I don' t know what will be by then.

    My question to you is: how do you all keep your license active all these years ? This was one of my big issue with accepting or not the sponsorship for GC. I do have my license on paper, but on my BON website is stated clearly that they do not renew it without a SS#. It is also difficult and expensive to endorse it to another state (and for some it is required again the SS#)...and it doesn' t change the situation too much (since I should wait like 4-5-7 years from now).

    How about putting it in inactive status (I mean...have somebody done this with their first license...advantages/disadvantages) ?

    In addition, I have chances of finding work in another country. Is it required for a GC to be granted to have your license active in your home country ? In other words...Could be a problem if you go in a different country meanwhile .... till your PD becomes current ?

    Well...I know that there are sooo many nurses out there who wait for their GC several years. I hope somebody will give me a piece of advice. Thank you for any input.
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  3. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    You may want to post the name of the state that wont renew an initial license with out a ss#. That will help others steer clear of that state for the future. You may want to contact your state board of nursing and ask them about your options. Good Luck
  4. by   ro67sif
    Well, yes you' re right. I am licensed in PA. Today I read again their requirements for renewal & inactive status. They say clearly that no renewal is allowed if you don' t have SS#. I plan on sending them an email and asking about specific requirements for inactive status (for an IEN)...if there is something different compared to citizens/rezidents (when/if I want to reactivate it).

    Thank you for replying.
  5. by   iamnomad
    It's an unfortunate situation, but if you really plan on working in the US someday, you have to do whatever it takes. And yes, it sounds simple, but it isn't.

    Waiting 4-5-7 years for a green card is surely a burden. Got to keep the license active, got to keep up with the practice, and got to wait patiently. If PA won't issue a renewal because you don't have a SSN, then maybe endorsing to another state is a good option. Find a state that will issue you a license, and renew your license even if you don't have the SSN yet. It's expensive and at the same time maybe effective.

    Then, to keep it active, some states require you to have a certain number of continuing nursing education (cne) units. You can do it online. Others require you to practice nursing for a certain number of hours, or just simply work as a nurse.

    You don't have to maintain an active license in your home country to be granted a green card. Immigration and licensure are two different things. But active license in your native land plus work experience means you are indeed qualified as a nurse, with up-to-date experience to satisfy the consul and/or your employer that you can perform nursing safely. But losing your active license in your home because you are currently practicing somewhere else will give you the same advantage.

    God Bless!