How did you become a nurse practionier?

  1. Im currious, is anybody here one? and how did you become one? Lets all sit around while the adults explain it to us, please?
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    Im not even gonna answer that...


  3. by   karenG
    one day I will slap you for cheek!!

    I am a nurse practitioner. trained as a SRN back in the dark ages, did my midwifery, then my ophthalmic training. worked at Moorfields for a while then went into general practice- that was a culture shock! after loads of courses, decided to be a NP. a three year degree course (now can do a masters) at what was the institude of advanced nursing at the RCN(its now at South Bank uni). so did an honours degree to call myself a np. next stop is a masters in ethics and law! if you want to know more about what a np does- visit the nurse practitioner web site, think its NPUK- youll find it! or ask more questions.........

    and one day, when you grow up, you too could be a np!!

  4. by   BritishStudent
    but the nurse practitioner and nurse consultant are two of my heros! So what are you a np in? Opthamology? presumably a PCG/PCT (they seem to make the most use of NP's)
  5. by   tony summers
    I am an emergency nurse practitioner, spent all my time since qualifying in A&E and undertook the 199 did my BSc in nursing. Finally did a ENP course and then learnt on the job. Now see and treat patients with out refering to doctor, i can refer to virtually all specialities, request and act on tests that i request, interpret my own xrays and prescribe many different medications.

    So it is nice long journey to the heady hieghts of NP
  6. by   karenG
    I am a NP in primary care- so jill of all trades. I see same day patients with anything- from a splinter to suspected Ca. I have referral powers to consultants- though the sho's can be snotty- tried to refer a lady last week with suspected perforated bowel and the SHO wouldnt take her- had to get my gp involved! cant order x-rays- just get the gp's to sign them. I can order all other tests and act on the results. I also run chronic disease clinics- asthma mainly. so its a busy life!!