Hospitals In Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

  1. Hi All!
    Reading matters about Australia has me wanting to migrate as a nurse. I'm a US trained nurse and have OZ on my mind. Can anyone suggest great hospitals in City's such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Comments much appreciated!
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  3. by   talaxandra
    I don't know much about Brisbane and Sydney hospitals, but you can find out about some of them on the government websites:
    Services - Queensland Health
    SERVICES - Home

    In Melbourne there are the following large hospitals
    The Alfred - Welcome to Alfred Hospital (specialties - burns, HIV/AIDS, multitrauma, hyperbaric therapy, heart/lung translant, respiratory)
    The Austin - (neurosciences, spinal injury, rehab, liver and bone marrow transplant)
    The Mercy - (women's health, aged care, palliative care) -
    Royal Children's - The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) : Welcome to the Royal Children's Hospital
    Royal Melbourne - Melbourne Health Website (infectious diseases, trauma, neuroscience)
    The Royal Women's - The Royal Women's Hospital (RWH) : The Royal Women's Hospital (maternity, gynaecology, neonatal care)

    Private hospitals (large)
    Cabrini - Cabrini Health Australia
    St Vincents/Mercy - St Vincents & Mercy Private Hospital : Welcome
    Epworth - Epworth Home

    For more information about specific major Melbourne public hospitals, you can check out Wikipedia:
    The Alfred - The Alfred Hospital - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Austin - Austin Hospital, Melbourne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Monash Medical Centre - Monash Medical Centre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Royal Melbourne - Royal Melbourne Hospital - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Royal Children's - Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    St Vincent's - St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    the Women's - Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    For differences between public and private hospitals, see the thread
  4. by   littlehobo
    I work in Brisbane at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. Which is one of the main public hospitals, the other being the Royal Brisbane. I would recommend it as an excellent place to work, the building is only 7 years old and they place a great deal of emphasis on staff training and welfare.

    Having said that, I'm still coming home, Oz just isn't the UK!
  5. by   guestnurse
    I worked at Westmead hospital in Sydney Australia for 3 years. I absoutely loved nursing there. The people are wonderful and friendly and make you feel right at home from the very beginning. WEstmead is a 750 bed public hospital. The public hospitals in Australia tend to be better than the private. They have a large network of hospitals called Western Sydney Area HEalthcare and there are several smaller hospitals but Westmead is in a subarb just out of Sydney and it's a wonderful area.