Hospital trials software for 'paperless' ward

  1. Hospital trials software for 'paperless' ward

    Sunday, June 27, 2004. 8:21am (AEST)
    Hospital trials software for 'paperless' ward
    A Canberra software company is celebrating after the Royal Darwin Hospital took up a newly developed program aimed at creating a paperless ward.

    Tony Firth from Hatrix says it is the first time an Australian hospital has adopted the software, although hospitals overseas have been using it for some time.

    Mr Firth says Royal Darwin Hospital will run a pilot program on one ward for a year before possibly expanding it to other parts of the hospital.

    He says the program will put an end to patient notes pinned to each bed.

    "It'll pick up drug interactions," he said.

    "It can have rules written into it that can guide doctors down prescribing paths or guide the nurses in administering the drugs to ensure that best practice guidelines are followed.

    "The staff using the system can always be sure they're following the recommendations of the particular hospital they are working in."
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  3. by   Farkinott
    I can't wait for a "paperless" workplace. My workplace was supposed to be paperless but now I think I use more that I ever have! Unfortunaely due to "glitches" throughout the administration services it is necessary to photcopy nearly every thing you do, just to cover your backside!
    Thankfully computer phobia is on the way out. It seems as long as the software is user friendly then people are happy to give it a go.