Horrid Grad Year - page 2

Hi all I'm a new grad and I'm having a terrible year. I was bullied during my first rotation and they managed to paint me as incompetent and difficult to silence me, now on my second rotation and... Read More

  1. by   bethem
    Grr. I just had this big reply written out and my web page went back, deleting it.

    So to sum up what I was saying, I've found that some nurses react differently to students and employees. As a student you have a buffer, in a sense, whereas as an employee - either an AIN like myself, or a new grad like you - you are expected to be up to their expectations, and the desire to help kind of evaporates. I hope tthese nurses get over themselves soon and give you a break - as has been said, we all were (or will be, in my case) new one day!