hi everyone

  1. i have just passed the recent local board for nursing licensure exam here in the philippines. am planning to take the nclex exam for vermont state. i would like to know the step by step procedure to take this exam including the fees. thanks a lot.
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    I have moved your post to the International forum. Please take the time to read this forum especially the sticky Primer to working in the US, threads on retrogression and we also have a sticky on Vermont. All information regarding licensure to be a RN in the US for Vermont will be found on their website including all fees.

    You are not applying for NCLEX but RN of which NCLEX is part of that process.

    Foreign nurse application for Vermont
  4. by   dave787
    you better visit the website they have the instruction step by step
  5. by   niknok_ddm
    thank you for giving me the website am looking for. more power!