Help with selection criteria?

  1. Hello, Recent graduare of Enrolled nursing here.

    I was looking at re-doing my resume and wanted to include addressing some selection criteria, this has not proved to be as easy as I thought.

    I have a few ideas but I have a hit a road block and could use some guidance and even some help as to how to make it specific to what I do now.

    I work primarily in aged care but want to make the transition to a hospital environment as I can use more and gain more knowledge.

    The selection criteria I am looking to address are.....

    1) Knowledge of the principles of nursing care, procedures and practices.

    2) Documentation and date collection skills.

    3) Communication and interpersonal skills.

    4) Ability to assist clients to meet their needs, overcome health problems and to perform activities of daily living.

    Like I said I have a few ideas already but really have trouble putting it into words.

    Hope you guys can all contribute and thanks in advance for any help.


    5) Clinical skills commensurate with education and skill preparation.
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  3. by   Sonn
    Its difficult to advise you on what to add/say on your CV as I do not know you or your experience. Maybe your referees can help you.
    some considerations....
    Principles of nursing should be familiar with the ANMC competencies for nurses (see, and familiar with specific competencies for the area you work eg medical, surgical, aged care.
    Communication should be familiar with bulling and harassment policies and conflict resolution stratagies.
    good luck
  4. by   vrhodes
    When I did my job app in July, I used a couple of examples from prac or work to back up each criterion, I also found the relevant parts of the ANMC competencies. There are other documents like scope of practice, Code of Ethics etc that you might want to refer to.

    Hope that is helpful, I know it took me hours to complete mine!