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  1. hi i really needed ur help regarding the remaining requirements for my visa screen certificate. First i already submitted the other materials and the cgfns sent me a letter that they need my license in california which is i still don't have one.i passed the california board but i have no sss # that's why it's still impossible to get one. Here's the exact letter that they want from me.

    1. The applicant indicated on her visa screen application that she is licensed as a nurse in the state of california .Cgfns needs her nursing license from the california board of nursing and send a validation form and an envelope to the california board of nursing.

    2. Documentation of successful completion of NCLEX.Please note that the verification of passing the nclex must be received from the province or state board of nursing where she passed the examination.ICHP will not accept validation submitted by the applicant or any other source.

    PLEASE HELP ME WHERE CAN I REQUEST THESE FORMS. I already checked the website of california and i cannot find the details there.

    HOpe you can help me regarding this matter. Everything is complete except from these requirements.I passed the NCLEX but i still don't have a license. Where can i request the validation that i passed the exam.thanks so much
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    There is a form in the VSC handbook that you can complete and pass to Ca and they will confirm that you have passed NCLEX.
  4. by   herheys8
    it is a visa exclusively for nurses.
  5. by   herheys8
    is it the validation for license?can they validate even if i still don't have a license?
  6. by   herheys8
    what kind of form is that?thanks.where exactly can i find it?thanks so much
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    The validation form in the vsc handbook is OK to use and I believe the fee for Ca is $60. Ca have done this several times and no one has had any problems getting their vsc. All ICHP needs is confirmation that you have passed NCLEX