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  1. I got two offers from two hospitals. One is a big out-of-state university teaching hospital, the unit is Orthopedic floor, and the pay is kind of low, just $18, another offer is a local hospital, small community hospital about 269 beds, not teaching hospital, the pay is better $23. My spouse has a work in a local company and if we stay in current place, we dont have to move. The unit is Oncology unit. I dont know if I should go out-of-state or stay in local. I dont know which floor is better, Orthopedic floor or Oncology floor, I am a new grad,no nursing exprience before. Although that out-of-state hospital's pay is low, but their average housing price is just $140k, so their cost of living is also low. Plus, if I go to that university hospital, I can study in that university, it is a good public university, they kind of give employee discount on tuition, so I just have to pay half of regular tuition. If I stay in local hospital, just smalll university, no school benefits. Should I go or not? If I dont go, how should I reject the out-of-state hospital? Both of them sponsor me green card. I got my nursing degree here in U.S.A.
    Please give me some advice. Any of your input will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance
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  3. by   augigi
    It all depends... what do you want to do? There is no "better" choice here, only which one works for you. Work out your costs of living -v- pay rates. They may work out the same in the end in financial terms.

    Personally I'd probably go with orthopaedics, as I found med-surg to give me a great basic grounding in nursing as a new grad, and I would enjoy the larger hospital and greater learning opportunities, as well as the chance to receive subsidised education.

    It's great to have choices of two jobs - congrats!