1. Guys i reli ned your help. Im a fresh grad and passer too...but i have a big problem...I have acquired a nosocomial infection during my college years, i have a minimal PTB. I have my pulunologist at makati med and we're on the second phase of my concern is will i be able to have a job as a nurse in this condition? There was a progress on my xray and my pulmo gave me a medical certificate stating that im undergoing a continuous treatment....pls help me...i already passed the nursing exams and interviews of two good hospitals but not opening my health concerns...huhuhuhu....
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  3. by   dave787
    thats good that your in the treatment. better take some rest and untill your totaly cured. its just a short course therapy. dont compromise your body becaue when your in the hospital youll be stress .
  4. by   sinagbayan
    you will need all the rest that you can get. its good that you are being cared for by a physician in a good hospital.

    don't hurry yourself. work will come later. your priority now is to recuperate. besides, you don't want to damage your health irreparably.
  5. by   suzanne4
    Get thru your treatment first and then you will be able to work. You need to take care of yourself first, before worrying about patients or anything else.

    We are unable to offer medical advice on this forum per the Terms of Service of this bulletin board. You will need to follow up with the facilities where you interviewed with to see what they want you to do, they will make the final decision.

    But be aware that having had tb will not keep you from working as a nurse provided that you have completed the treatment.