HELP! I need a very good tutorial center for nclex prep in the UK!

  1. Hi guys! I'm very new here (Just joined this evening), but I've been reading posts and comments here and I really do admire how nurses encourage, help and support each other! I'm truly glad to be here.
    I'm an internationally trained nurse planning to take the nclex exam, and I need a VERY GOOD tutorial center that's affordable in the UK. Please, any help? I don't want to just practice online or on my own (and I am the only nurse here for miles).
    Your help is kindly asked and appreciated!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Will be surprised if there are any UK based centres in the UK for NCLEX as it is not a requirement for the UK. Many do it on their own. Also suggest checking the NCLEX forum found under the student tab. Moving to International Nursing forum as nothing to do with actual working in the UK