Help! Employer for H-1B Visa

  1. I have passed my NCLEX and my Visa Screen is under process with CGFNS.

    I am not entirely sure of next steps. I have started applying for nurse jobs in hospitals and home cares and all I have been getting are declines from companies as they are not sponsoring nurses from other countries, apparently.

    I am currently living and working as an HCA in London, I have qualified in the Philippines in 2011. the last time I have worked as a nurse was 2016.

    Do you guys know any recruitment agencies who assist in the sponsorship of H-1B visa?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    H1b isn't a usual route for nurses, most go straight to EB3 immigrant visa. Not saying it doesn't happen just unusual. Some agencies are still sponsoring but a lot is going to depend on where you plan to live and work. Some employers may require recent nursing experience before sponsoring as demand isn't like it used to be
  4. by   6677greatlakes
    Try serenity in lincolnwood il. They moght be able to help you
  5. by   lolaspark
    You should try Serenity in Lincolnwood, Illinois US. They most likely will be able to help.
  6. by   pchan
    The only you can get an H-1B visa as a RN is as an advance practice nurse or a supervisory level nurse. Don't waste your time and money. Given that the wait time for the green card for Filipino nurses is only 14 months, you should file right away for your green card! Most of the places that are sponsoring right now are nursing homes.