Help! Employer for H-1B Visa

  1. I have passed my NCLEX and my Visa Screen is under process with CGFNS.

    I am not entirely sure of next steps. I have started applying for nurse jobs in hospitals and home cares and all I have been getting are declines from companies as they are not sponsoring nurses from other countries, apparently.

    I am currently living and working as an HCA in London, I have qualified in the Philippines in 2011. the last time I have worked as a nurse was 2016.

    Do you guys know any recruitment agencies who assist in the sponsorship of H-1B visa?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    H1b isn't a usual route for nurses, most go straight to EB3 immigrant visa. Not saying it doesn't happen just unusual. Some agencies are still sponsoring but a lot is going to depend on where you plan to live and work. Some employers may require recent nursing experience before sponsoring as demand isn't like it used to be