help! confused newbie wanting to go to sydney

  1. hey guys. im a newbie RN here in the philippines and i ws wondering how to apply for RN licensure in australia.. can you give me the website of australia bon? thanks very much.. btw, does australia require, nclex, cgfns, ielts? thanks much guys! im quite confused with all these things...
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  3. by   bice29
    b4 u get there u must take and pass the ielts here,or u can take it in OZ, it cost Php8640 for testing fee, if u want more info go to, u don't need to take cgfns or or even nclex, since u passed the NLE, ur focus now is to gain experience for at least 6 months to 1 year, unlike US u dont need to gain experience, as long as can pass the NCLEX and toefl or ielts (it depends on the state) u can apply for working visa immediately. U.S. focuses on theories rather experience (competency). once u get there in oz u will undergo a migrant bridging program for at least 6 months to 1 year.
  4. by   pRinSesa
    thanks for replying bice29...i read in the threads that the migrant bridging program costs a lot of money, is it true? if you know about it, like how much is it? i appreciate your reply. takecare!:d
  5. by   bice29
    it cost for about 6000 to 10000 AUD. BTW R U going to Cuneta A. for oathtaking?
  6. by   pRinSesa
    im not..sad to say, i belong to the June 06 passers..
  7. by   pRinSesa
    bythe way, thanks again for the info re: cost of migrant brdging program and for responding..