HELP! Calling All Sydney Uni Nursing Alumni!!!

  1. Hi All-

    The University of Sydney Senate has recently announced that they plan on dissolving the undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing course at the University of Sydney starting from next year. As you are most probably aware, the current worldwide shortage of nurses means that not even one undergraduate position can afford to be lost. Although other universities will be increasing their intakes of nursing students, this matter still raises 3 very important issues for the nursing profession:

    1: With the current shortage, the Government needs to fund MORE nursing places, not allow universities to close down nursing schools.

    2: The federal education minister, Dr. Brendan Nelson (a medical doctor who subscribes to the paternalistic old school notion of nurses being subservient to doctors) is subtly pushing for nurse education to be undertaken at TAFE, despite the national review of nursing recommending otherwise. Dropping the course from an institution such as Sydney Uni is one way of pushing this agenda.

    3: It is a slight against the nursing profession, to suggest that it does not deserve representation through its undergraduate members at the oldest and most prestigious university in Australia. This is in line with the higher education reforms where universities are encouraged to focus on their strengths - because nursing does not attract millions in research grants it is being traded off for more funding in other disciplines.

    I urge you to spend just a few minutes writing to either the University Senate, the federal education minister, your local state or federal representative, or an Australian newspaper. Nurses must be heard that their education is not second to other, more prestigious, disciplines; and that we do deserve representation at Australia's leading universities.


    PS: For more info, check out the SMH article at
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    This Wednesday (16/06/2004), NSW Nurses and Nursing Students will rally near state parliament to voice their dissatisfaction with the university senate/federal governments proposals. All who are able to make it on the day are urged to attend in uniform. Various professional organisations will also be present.

    DATE: 16/06/2004
    TIME: 2 pm (not midday, as advised previously)
    VENUE: Sydney Hospital, Near The Statue of the Pig

    Thanks All
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    Steve - do not feel downhearted if you only get one or two replies - there have, to date been 59 views of this thread and because this site is googled problably a darn sight more. Your message is getting across.
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    Thanks Gwenith - even though apathy is rife among the general student population nowadays when it comes to protecting their right to education, this issue has still cut deep. Even if just a few people see this forum and turn up on Wednesday 16/06/2004 to show their support (or put pen to paper), it will be well worth it. To anyone out there who is still undecided about pledging your support, I urge you to contribute in any way you can - every single voice counts! Heck - bring your friends and make a day out of it LOL!!!
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    Education Minister Dr. Brendan Nelson was interviewed by Jane Singleton on ABC Radio on 09/06/2004. This is a transcript of the interview which I suppose could be taken as the ministers official position...

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    hopefully this works...

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    Ok - so how did things turn out???

    Enquiring minds want to know!!!
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    There was a reasonable turnout, although there wasn't as much media coverage (which was the whole point) as hoped, on account of State of Origin (which, lets face it, was far more important ). Still, it gave everyone a chance to blow off steam with Doc Nelson's unjust education reforms as well as developing strategies for future action. Apparently the Sydney Uni students council is organising another (bigger...bolder...better...) rally for August. Nelson hasn't made any decisions public just yet as the timing is rather inopportune given an election is looming, so there is still a good chance the proposals will be defeated. And gwenith, may I say, snaps for you - thanks for your support on this issue and for contributing (hard to believe that of 700+ combined hits, no one has anything to say ...)
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    If I was close I would hav edone something more - but don't think of it as no-one responding - think of it as 700 people who have read at least PART of the message!!