1. Hello
    I am from India. Waiting for the INS approval. Its more than 18 months since my Immigrant visa to USA processing started. Its more than 7 months since my file reached NVC. I have not received visa packet 3 yet. The attorney, represents the hospital for my case has not much to say to me except to wait. I understand that once the file reaches NVC its like allmost over. But in my case its more than 7 months and nothing is happening. I feel so deperate. If anybody have an answer to this unique problem kindly answer me.
    Thank you
    Rani K. George
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  3. by   Spaniel gal
    Hi ya

    Sorry I can't help this is a board for British 'stuff' although anything can be posted her. i think you need to post on the general nursing discussion board as more able to help with USA stuff.

  4. by   RANIKGEORG
    Hello Ruby
    Thanks so much for your respose. I had a friend by name Ruby. When Iheard from you I immidiatly remembered her. I do not know where she is now. Thanks again.

    Rani K. George