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  1. i just want to say how fortunate i am for having come accross this website. i am just new here and this is my first post. meanwhile, i am just wondering if anybody could help me figure out how to sort this problem. i have started processing my nclex application in the philippines with assistance from a person coordinating the application in the agency i had the review. i am already half way now. a card has been sent to my home address last june 2006 in the philippines confirming that they had received my application for nclex in california and that they wanted my finger prints and my school transcript of records with my payment. i just wish i could finish processing my application now that i am back here in england. that fingerprints school credentials is with that person. i have no more contacts to that person. is it possible if could proceed with my application for nclex direct to california? please help me. your kind response to this matter is highly appreciated. thank you very much. more power to all of us here.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Please take the time to do some reading here. Worst place to go for intial licensure for a foreign grad is CA, six months to get approval and then another month to get your results. Much faster to endorse there.

    Please take the time to read the Primer at the top of the page.