1. I'm Rola, wants help from anybody out there. I'm an RN in the Philippines but currently employed as an Assisstant Nurse here in a hospital in Kuwait. I'm really looking for an opportunity to work in other places due to a very low income here. I'm only receiving $600/month and if you know of any agency or employer that can work in my case I will be glad about it. My area currently is Pediatrics, with experience in OB-Gyne and Medical - Surgical areas. I also have the interest to work in a Nursing Home or any facility wherein my skills is needed.

    Looking forward for any response,

    Thank you very much,

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  3. by   suzanne4
    First question, why are you working only in the role of assistant nurse there and not an RN?

    You will need to take and pass the exams for licensure in the US before anyone can offer you a job for the US. Where do you wish to work? You did not include that.

    And if the US, please read the stickies at the top of the forum here, especially the one called the "Primer" for information that you need to have.

    And please be aware, that nothing will be instant for anywhere. You will need to go thru application to the BON, pass the required exams, and then go thru the immigration process. You are looking at about 18 months at the earliest for you for the US. There are no shortcuts available to anyone.