Heb B surface antigen

  1. Hi i have a question regarding heb b surface antigen tests.

    I have had 2 hep b jabs as i am starting uni in oct im having to wait till dec for my next Jab. following that i will have my Antibody test around feb-may.

    I recently had my hep b surface antigen NOT hep B antibody test. This is because the occi health request a surface antigen test before commencement of the course if jabs are not complete.

    My test for surface antigen came back Not detected what does this mean is it a good thing or a bad thing ive tried researching it but come up with irrelivant information. Will it restrict what I can do

    Look forward to your advice

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  3. by   english_nurse
    i think what it means is that you have not been exposed to hep b in the past therefore have not got antibodies present
    not being exposed to hep be is good! it wont restrict what you do, i understand that you are having the course of injections to give you immunity?
    i am a non responder, two courses and no immunity so extra care is required if i was to be exposed to body fluid etc i have to have immunoglobulin if that happens
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  4. by   sweetpealoubylou
    Thank you english nurse for the quick reply

    thats put my mind at ease thanks again