Healthcare system terminally ill

  1. Although the politicians keep saying that the Canadian health system is not that bad, I have my doubts. Please add your stories that prove them wrong.
    I have many of them but my most recent one is as follows. There is at this moment a 84 year old lady admited to a hospital in Chile, waiting for her trip back home to Canada. The trip itself is easy to arrange, I was going there to bring her back this weekend. She has to stay in Chile however, since there is no bed for her in a Vancouver hospital and they have no idea when one will become available.
    My supervisor for the agency I work for tells me this is a very common problem in Canadian hospitals. Just last month there was a delay of 2 1/2 week to bring somebody back home.
    My advise to all Canadians, don't get sick, certainly not when you are on holidays.

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