1. hi hello everybody who already taken and had passed haad exam i have some questions that bothering me hope you can help me..

    1. is the pearson vue at makati is the only venue of the exam?
    2. what kind of credit card can i used? can i use visa card of my husband work at abudhabi?
    3. after passing the exam, does the bed capacity of the hospital you are working matters, or u just need is to have a staff certificate for you to approved the license?

    thanks you
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    Hi she_ga! Just here to briefly answer your queries based on what I did.

    1. There are actually 3 testing sites in the Philippines. One is the Trident tower in makati that you mentioned, next would be AMA computer University in Quezon City and the last place would be in Cebu City. Here is a link to that: http://www9.pearsonvue.com/Dispatche...&v=W2L&cid=524

    2.You can actually use any type of credit card. It won't be an issue weather you have an international or just a local credit card. Debit card would also work, but pls do clarify this before paying.

    3. With regards to the licensing, I think the bed capacity won't be a problem. But it would I think depending on the hospital your applying to. Usually, your license would be sponsored to you by your hospital of choice. www.haad.ae would provide you with a better explanation regarding these matters.