H1-B availability for nurses

  1. well, are they available as an alternative to having a green card so one could work in the U.S?

    I am quite confused by this, since I've been readings stuff like:

    1. Apparently H1-B visa could be an option to those who wants to work in the US (only to a cetain amount of time; 3-5 years i think ?? ) hence its a working visa.

    1.a. That the majority desires the immigrant visa so they could bring their family with them as soon as they leave.

    2. Retrogression affects ONLY those who are applying for a immigrant status.

    3. A few years having a H1-B visa would eventually give you the chance to apply for a immigrant status.

    So which are true from not from "not true anymore"??

    **Great site anyway. People here are helpful. A large part of the reasons I passed my NCLEX exam (and helped me with the application process, review system, blah blah blah) were the people here; especially a certain lovable human being with a girl-in-a-red-dress avatar. ^^
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  3. by   suzanne4
    There is no H1-B for nurses that has been available for more than three years. There are no hospital that can employ with that.

    This same question has been addressed multiple times here, so please look for those threads. The only visa that is open for you is the green card, and nothing more. Trying to take a shortcut will only cause you grief in the long run.

    There is no longer any guarantee that passing of the NCLEX exam and finding an employer will get you a green card, there are far too many applicants from your country and there is still a limit to the number of visas granted per year.
  4. by   suzanne4
    H1-B is a temporary work visa and never guarantees anything in the future from that. That visa can also be cancelled at any time by the US government as well as the employer, not a good thing to do.