Group Submission of requirements with BON

  1. Group Submission of requirements in California, VT or NM

    Hi there,

    Can we submit our application for licensure by examination in bulk? We wanted to take the nclex exam in group and i just want to ask if its possible to apply altogether at the same time with my friends and colleagues.
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  3. by   lawrence01
    You may send in your applications in groups. As in 3-4 applications or so properly segregated individually (in individual folders or envelopes) then send it in one package via courier (such as DHL or Fedex). They have a 0.25 kg weight limit for Documents so you can put in as much as you can as long as it doesn't go over 0.25 kg/ envelope pak. Do remember that TORs and RLEs should be sent by separate package by your school or your group itself can send it as long as your individual TORs and RLEs are in a School-sealed envelope then do the same thing as you did w/ your personal applications.

    After they receive those 2 packages, they will deal w/ your application forms and RLE's individually so one may get approval (eligibility letter) ahead of the others. It doesn't mean that since all your application forms came in the same package or all at the same time that each will be granted eligibility at the same time. Some will get approved ahead of others.

    Scheduling is done entirely by you on-line (thru phone if test center is w/in Asia-Pacific) on your personal account w/ Pearson-vue (by registering on their website). You can schedule only if you have registered w/ Pearson-vue and have your Candidate id # w/c can be found on your ATT. Your ATT will be e-mailed to you only if you have registered w/ Pearson-vue and have been made eligible by your State.

    If, in ever, you have found a date that has the number of slots available that suits the # of your group then all of you can make an appointment on that particular date and therefore have the exam on the same day.

    Hope this helps. Pls. just post it here if you have additional questions.