graduating student this june 2007 needs help about nclex

  1. hi everyone!

    i just joined today and i find it really informative, thats why i opted to ask some things that has been troubling my mind about nursing.

    im graduation this march 2007 and planning not to take the local board exam because i read here that i can directly take the nclex in california without my local board. im married to a us citizen so i guess papers wouldnt be a prob.

    my question is, im in the philippines and how do i apply my nclex to california. im not leaving till around late june 2007 to california.

    is my decsion right not to take the local board and directly take nclex already?

    can i pass my application as early as i graduate even if im in the philppines? how long is the wait for the nclex application to be process?

    do i need to take ielts before i take my nclex?

    thank you all.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Thread moved to the International Forum as it has nothing to do with working in the Philippines.

    Suggest that you read the Primer located at the top of the NCLEX forum, it has much information that you will need.

    If your goal is to work in CA as soon as you get here, do not go the route of initial licensure with CA. It will take you way too long. On average it is six months to get permission to sit for the exam, and then since you will not get a SSN# until you get to the US, it will take you several weeks to get the results of the exam.

    There is not one thing that can be done until you actually have a completed sit of transcripts. So if going CA for initial licensure, you are speaking of being able to take the exam around next September or so.

    You are not required to take the English exams as you will be getting a spousal visa, and do not need the Visa Screen either, but it will depend on your actual language skills if an employer will want you to test or not.