Going to be working at st George hospital in sydney

  1. Hi I'm a us nurse who has just moved to sydney I was offered a jOb at st George public hospital on 3e am A bit discouraged because it is far away from where I am living and it seems a bit underdeveloped compares to some of the hospitals in us just wondering if anybody has any knOwledge about the hospital would be much appreciated
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  3. by   ceridwyn
    When I did live in NSW, I heard St George hospital, is a tough gig. Not sure why. I know it is very multicultural around that area and is probably getting old as hospital buildings go. I would bet there are plenty of nurses from overseas working there as well.
    That was about 13 years ago and of course being Australian...behind the times....compared to the US!

    Try not to get too hung up on this,....you will have a very steep learning curve....with all meds different names, docs orders different, iv orders are different, spelling of all ops and diseases different and on top of this, have trouble understanding all the accents as well as the Australian.

    You have done a very brave thing....do not think, if it was possible, I would have the guts to try nursing in the States. Our thoughts are with you and I hope you do enjoy yourself and get what you were seeking coming over here! Australians, especially nurses, are easy to make friends with, so you should have some great times, while over here.
    Just ask if there is anything you do not know or understand, and have a good laugh, the Aussie humour takes a bit to get to know and sometimes it might be on you, but you need to just laugh it off, it is a sign of being accepted. Strange I know!
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  4. by   TalleRN
    I know this was back in October but I'm a nurse from the US who is contemplating moving to Australia to work and would love any advice. How was the applying process and are you still discouraged at the hospital you got hired at?