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  1. Hello all,

    I am currently living overseas due to hubby's work, but we plan to be back in Canada (BC) in two years time, 2012. I am looking to do my LPN training, (with an eye on eventually completing RN studies) and would really like to complete as much of the course work as possible on line while we are still overseas and I have lots of time on my hands to dedicate to it. I realize that the practicum portion of the course cannot be completed online, but does anyone know of a college that offers a portion of the program on line or through distance education? I have completed the first two years of a Bachelor of Science degree, so the prerequisites are not a problem.

    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   CLPNA
    Hi! I'm the Communications person at the College of LPNs in Alberta (CLPNA).

    Since you're going to be moving back to BC, I'm wondering if you've asked the College of LPNs in British Columbia (CLPNBC) this question?
  4. by   Fiona59
    Norquest, here in Edmonton, had at one time a distance ed PN course. Don't know if they still do it. It was set up for the communities north of Edmonton that didn't have local post secondary facilities. I do remember that the CLPNA journal did a write up about 18 months ago on a student that had completed completed the programme while living in Japan (surprised that CLPNA's response didn't mention that)

    Where you would run into problems is the clinical time. There were required clinical placements from second semester onwards which had to be completed prior to taking the next section of courses.

    Nursing really isn't something that can be done from a great distance over a prolonged period of time.
  5. by   CLPNA
    Hi again from the College of LPNs of Alberta.

    NorQuest College in Edmonton, Alberta DOES have a very popular distance Practical Nurse program. If you're interested, the story of the student who took her PN education while in Japan is from the Fall 2006 issue of our member's magazine, page 12-13. It was a very unique situation, so you'd have to inquire with NorQuest directly if they still have the ability to facilitate that type of special accommodations.

    However, you may find it easiest to take your distance education from a PN college in BC, if available, if that's where you're going to live and get registered as an LPN.
  6. by   _RN_
    You cannot finish your LPN certification online. If anything, you may be able to finish a few pre-reqs (ie. English, Psychology, Biology, etc.)
  7. by   Fiona59

    Scroll down the page it outlines the distance ed concept. It looks like you can do the bulk of it on-line with clinicals being in real time/life.