For IEN's in Canada who took CELBAN.

  1. Hello Nurses! I'm an IEN seeking to practice as LPN here in BC. And like other IENs, I have lots of queries in this matter particularly with language proficiency exams. I'm planning to take CELBAN, third quarter of this year. So I wanted to address this to IEN's who undertook the exam. And to be specific here goes;

    1. Is the test easier to pass compared to IELTS (in my case I took Academic IELTS first and failed to reach the required bands), since the exam is nursing focused? This besides the fact that a candidate should be in the upper English level before sitting to this exam.

    2. The review resources are limited for CELBAN. Should I stick with the limited resources and just work on it beside my academic English review materials?

    3. I know this is way over my head, but hypothetically I passed the CELBAN but the
    CLPNBC (or any other nursing regulatory bodies in Canada) decided after their further assessment that I need to take a refresher course in a college or university. Will some, if not all, of this nursing educational institutions in Canada accept CELBAN as a proof of language proficiency prior get in the course/program?

    Thank you so much for taking time to read my long post and I hope I deliver my questions clearly. May God bless our new life in Canada.
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    I'm aware that I should just read the info's from CELBAN website and give them a call but still a personal experience is something different in a sense that you can share what someone have learned and maybe share a lesson from it.