Fingerprint card from Cal, valid in New Mexico? - page 2

Hi! :nuke: I'm a nurse from the Philippines, planning to take the nclex exam next year. I understand there is a fingerprint card we need to send aside from the application forms. My problem is I... Read More

  1. by   adyam
    i can send you 4 if you want just send me your address by pm
  2. by   aspen2010
    thank you very much, adyam. You are very kind. :smilecoffeecup:

    But you know what, I and my friend, we already have our fingerprint cards. Isn't that great news? Cause I talked to my friend today and he said I can download from the fbi website and print them but just make sure I use very hard folder. Because that's what he did when he applied for his NCLEX in Ca. So I bought very hard folders and just used the back, which I cut out so they will have the same size as a short bondpaper. Then I printed them out back to back. And when my friend and I went to the NBI, they actually accepted our fingerprint cards. Although I don't know if the FBI in US will accept them, but I think maybe it's worth a try no?

    But thank you, thank you. I feel really lucky because I have friends, and people like you, whom I don't even know who are willing to help me. I have only the deepest respect. Thank you.