Filipino-American wants to go to school in the Philippines

  1. Hi Everyone
    I'm having a problem finding a BSN program in the US that will accept me right away. Entrance into the nursing programs here are very competitive, schools are filled to capacity, and the waiting lists are very long. I'm considering going to school in the Philippines to earn a BSN. In May I will graduate from my US school with an Associate's Degree in Applied Science. Does this make me a second courser? My current GPA is a 2.8. Which schools in the Philippines will accept me and give me credit for the courses I took in the US? Is the University of the Cordilleras or Pines City College in Baguio City good schools? Are there any other good nursing schools that will accept foreign students in Baguio? Since I have family around that area, my mother would prefer me to go to school in there. I looked into SLU but the website said that they only accept students up to 21 years old. I'll be 25 in August. What type of material are you tested on for the college entrance exams? Are there any review books I can purchase in order to help me prepare for the test? Is it too late to apply for the June semester? Could any members from the US who went to school in the Philippines share their experiences? If I graduate from a university in the Philippines will I have trouble getting into a graduate program in the US? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You need to have a Bachelor's degree to qualify for the second courser program, either in the US or the Philippines.

    Please be aware that you will be considered as a foreign grad for any state where you wish to be licensed and will need to go thru the additional requirements that they require, including the CGFNS exam for some states.

    Licensing is separate from immigration. That will be waived for you, but anything else will need to be followed. Also be aware that you will not even be able to apply for licensure until you have a completed set of transcripts and for some states that will be three to four months to get approval, plus.

    You will not have problems getting into grad school with the BSN from the Philippines, but you will need to go thru special credentials evaluation since it won't be from a US school.

    Please also be aware that most will not give you credit for your courses that you did in the US, same way that the US would not give credit to someone coming from the Philippines for nursing. You would have to take all of their required courses there. Very rarely will you see any credits given, very rare.
  4. by   Leilah75_RN
    some of the major universities in the philippines that are accredited internationally accepts application from foreign countries some where UP, UST, ateneo, (most of Manila major universities) and major Universities throughout the Philippines. the pros: some of your US subjects maybe credited but not all. cheaper superb quality of education compared to international standards, cons: because they were accredited internationally, you need to pass certain entrance tests to qualify, strict subjects taken in US assessments. You maybe asked to take the national comprehensive entrance exam to enter college. its is better to check and enquire with the university u wanted to study for more info. your family will be able to help you with it. try google search for UP, UST or Ateneo de Manila website as well. i have friends that studied in the philippines for some college degrees but they started as freshmen and havent taken any units in college in US.
    best of luck to yah.