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  1. i'm a 20 y/o fresh graduate from philippines and after passing this july 2010 examinations, i flew here to NJ (unfortunal8ly was not able to attend the oath taking) (im an early registrant and got my lic earlier than scheduled)
    i was thnking w/c state is better to apply for? CA or VT? (cali or vermont).. i'm really confused.. many say that california is better in terms of time because it doesnt require you to take cgfns cvs and other evaluating firms. the place's climate is almost the same with our country and many fil's live there. they also say that, the application will only take 4 to 6 mos all in all. but i just read on some threads & from other applicants that cali's NCLEX is freaking hard & competition in hospitals is very harsh. On the other hand, vermont... (i jst read that they dont require cgfns for us fil's) requires CVS (somebody please explain me what's the diff of cgfns & cvs) and could you please tell me the latest steps in summary how to apply for vermont. And lastly in regards with that CVS, could you tell me how do i process it & how long does it takes to be finished? could anyone help me, i really need a concder8 advice and answer. thanks a lot! appreciate so much!!! :heartbeat :heartbeat :heartbeat
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    CVS is only required by New York, most other states just require CES which is eval of training report. CA do their own assessment however if going to work in another state you will still in most cases be required to do CES or some other form of assessment.

    If you are living in NJ and plan to work in NJ (presume you have immigrant visa) then you are better applying to NJ for initial application and meet their requirements. CES takes approx 4 months but a lot will depend on how timely you arrange for the documents to be sent. CA takes roughly the same length of time.

    CVS for NY takes approx 6-8 months and I would only recommend it if you plan on working in New York
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    thank you very much i appreciate it! well my dad works as a engr in NY and he told me he is willing to live in the state where i would work. And so course, find another job there.. hoping you could help me again in my future queries.. im just about to start my application. still trying to adjust to the envi.. thank you
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    Silverdragon102i jst read on VT's site that they require graduates like me to take CES.. but does not require me to take CGFNS because my nursing program was taught in english... please correct me if i'm wrong... tnx
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    CGFNS offer a few different things, CES is done by CGFNS so you will have some involvement with them. English is usually only required if the CES report indicates that your training was not completed in English
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    tnx alot silverdragon