F1 visa and filing for AOS?

  1. Hi all,

    I have a question, im currently in the usa on an F1 visa and studying for my nclex which the NJ BON has given me permission to sit. I am like many others am waiting out the retrogression.

    But Im wondering while an F1 visa holder can I seek an employer after passing nclex and file my I-140 then remain here legally as an F1 student doing classes till retrogression is over and I file for AOS? Or once the I-140 is submitted does that cancel my F1 visa?

    Also does anyone know where I can find out the specifics for UKs allocated visas I know schedule A is gone but how do you know if your coutry has working visas that a nurse can use? There was talk in January here on the boards that for uk there would be issuing of visas quarterly and nurses can use those does anyone know anything about this?

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  3. by   suzanne4
    Only if you maintain the F-1 status. Filing of the I-140 alone will not permit you to remain in the US in any capacity. Filing of I-140 does not change anything, and you can remain on the F-1 visa. Not until the I-485 is submitted, will there be any processing of the Adjustment of Status.

    There are new visas released every quarter, but it is dependent on the number that are in front of you waiting for the green card. It is not that there are working visas, there are only the green cards for nurses.....especially if you wish to remain in NJ.
  4. by   suzanne4
    From the UK, there are no special treaty visas available like there are from Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

    So no working visas, other than the H1-C visa where your safety will be a big issue, and definitely not available in NJ or any states near there.