extended nurse prescribers course

  1. Ive been put forward for a place on this course and Im looking for some info. Have any of you completed the course or have any information r.e. the complexity of the course, how long it takes to complete and how it effects day to day practice.
    Im meeting with my proffesional nurse advisor this week and Id like to have some 'real life' info to base my questions on.
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  3. by   karenG
    I've done the course. if you can, do it over 6/12. I did it over 3 at south bank uni. it was hard.- not the actual course work because I'd already covered some of it on my NP degree, but actually fitting everything in! had to keep a reflective diary, do 4 pieces of reflective work (1000 words), plus 60 hrs taught time with my mentor (brave man) 25 days taught, then at the end a two part exam, one part pharmacology, second around a case study, then to cap it all - the dreaded OSCE! whew. it was the sheer amount of work we were expected to cram into a very short space of time. And of course, we had to work as well!!!!! and because we were all pretty senior nurses, there is no locum cover, so when you back to work its all waiting for you...........
    Having said that, I actually enjoyed the course, enjoyed meeting nurses from secondary care and other disciplines. worth doing? well today I wrote out 11 scripts, which the GP would otherwise have had to sign( and the time that wastes) so on balance, yes, worth doing. but be prepared to give up your life for 3 months!!!

    feel free to pm me if you want to know more!

  4. by   lisamct
    Thanks Karen,
    Im meeting with my PNA on Friday to find out some more details, Im an RNMH and myself and my other collegue who has also been nominated will be the first RNMH's in our trust to do the course so Im actually quite excited about it.
    Im sure I'll have loads of questions after my meeting and if I start the course so expect plenty of PM's.
  5. by   paris2
    Karen sorry for being ignorance but what is OSCE, and where could i find more about it.

  6. by   karenG
    Quote from paris2
    Karen sorry for being ignorance but what is OSCE, and where could i find more about it.


    OSCE is an exam invented by sadists!! :chuckle

    seriously.. I always forget what it stands for but I think its Objective subjective clinical examination. It basically is a way of assessing your consultation skills in an artificial way. A pretend consultation is set up- you have to either take a history, give advice or do a physical examination. In the Nurse practitioner degree you had to do 10 'stations', all of them with an examiner and a patient. For my nurse prescribing osce I got a patient who had stomach pain- because of the over the counter Ibuprofen she was taking. I also had a lady with low back pain. Both involved taking a full history and coming up with a working diagnosis as well as giving my differential diagnosis. Does that make sense???

    OSCE's are not easy... and most NP's shudder when you mention them but I'm now an OSCE examiner! so cant be that bad!