experience vs. good working condition

  1. I am looking for a new job and got a lot of offers from prospective employers. I don't know if I accept a job who offers good working experience and pays good but terrible nurse patient ratio, or accepts a job who doesn't give much of a working experience, pays good, and with good nurse patient ratio????

    Also, does anybody know any school in Alberta who offers Continuing Education courses?
  2. Poll: which one do you prioritize while looking for a new job?

    • experience

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    • good pay

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    • safe nurse/patient ratio?

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  4. by   pebbles
    I'd say go with the good nurse/pt ratio. If the nurse/pt ratio is poor, or even unsafe, you jeopardize patient safety, sacrifice good patient care and contribute to overall burnout- - which can and does happen to everyone. Pay seems to be good everywhere (unions, right?) , and I truly believe you make your own work and learning experience, no matter what the facility. As long as you go for the field of nursing you are interested in, you should be ok.
  5. by   fergus51
    I would go for the happy working environment (lower patient loads) and not worry about the money as much. Money is worthless if you are miserable at work looking after your 13 patients...
  6. by   FF/RN
    I can only draw from my personal experience. I made a big job change from a comfortable Walk-in-clinic environment to a very crazy ER setting for the challenge and experiences that I did end up encountering. It was the best move I ever made with my career choices. The learning challenges are never ending and the pay increase was just " icing on the cake"!