Ever Worked as a Nurse in Bahamas?

  1. Hi,

    I live in the US and I'm thinking about relocating to Nassau, Bahamas next year and was just wondering how to go about licensing there. Did you ever work as a nurse in the Bahamas? If so, what experience is needed, where did you work, etc. Know who I can contact there about licensing, etc.?

    I'll be graduating with my BSN in May2006 and may have to move there by August. I've been contemplating how to make that career move work. I'm kind of stumped.

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  3. by   suzanne4
    As fas as licensure goes with any foreign country, you cannot begin to apply until after you have graduated from your program and have a completed set fo transcripts.

    But the biggest thing for you to take into consideration, is that you are going to need a visa that will permit you to work there. By the time that you go thru licensing, as well as immigration, you are looking at a year or longer.

    So please, do not plan to move there two months later, you will not be able to work then.

    For licensure, you will need to contct their equivalent of the Board of Nursing or Nursing Council. You normally will need to find an employer first to help with immigration details. It is not a s easy as you think.