English nurse moved to ct april 2017 how do i continue nursing

  1. I graduated from edge hill university in england in 2009 as a registered nurse and was registered on the nursing and midwifery councils register until april of this year when i moved to ct for my husbands job.
    I love nursing and was born to do this. How do i continue to nurse without doing all the university study again. Will any academic group or nurse board recognize my qualifications and ucas points.
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  3. by   dishes
    Have you applied as a foreign trained applicant for license by examination through the Connecticut Board of Nursing?
  4. by   BDMSmith
    I find at present the amount of information regarding nursing differs from state to state, and also even within different services within each state, I am attempting to navigate my way through all information but what you have given me thus far has been the most helpful. I was not aware of the CGFNS and am now aware that I have to go through this process to ascertain whether I am eligible to sit the NCLEX examination, and the cost keeps mounting. It is mad to think that i have already put myself through years at university to practice as a registered nurse it now feels like i am starting from scratch and my past experiences/qualification mean nothing. I am determined to succeed and will keep you up to date. thank you for your assistance it was very helpful.
  5. by   dishes
    Are you generalist trained? US nursing education is generalist, it contains theory and clinical in Adults, Paeds, Mental health, Obstetrics
  6. by   BDMSmith
    I am classed as an registered nurse mental health, however all university training degrees in England consist of a foundation period which is general nursing then you specialize after the foundation period. so after the foundation period you either branch off into general adult nursing, mental health, pediatrics or learning disabilities. You cover theory and practice in all elements I hope this makes sense, its bad because as a mental health nurse you cover the whole person anyway physical and mental health so its kind of general and mental health in one, even i get confused some times and i completed it.
  7. by   dishes
    Does the CT BON require your credentials to be evaluated by cgfns?
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    Not all uk foundation courses cover Obstetrics and Paeds and that is what we are generally seeing UK nurses fail on. CT requires you to sit the CGFNS exam before you can register with them and they decide you can sit NCLEX. Starting point would be here DPH: RN Licensure by Examination
  9. by   RNShirada
    Hi there BDMSmith, I am curious about the progress you have made in CT. I completed my mental health nursing diploma in the UK in 1999. A few years ago, the California BoN gave me authorization to take the Nclex without having to make up anything. However, and this is HUGE..... after a great deal of effort calling and speaking to nursing schools etc. and even signing up for a Nclex prep for foreign nurses, I, along with the experienced nursing Nclex instructors, came to the conclusion that there was no way I would be able to pass the Nclex without starting nursing training here from scratch. The education I received in the UK had in NO WAY prepared me for the material on the US exam. I hope you have a better luck in CT.