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  1. hi.sorry, not sure where to post this so... here goes.
    anybody knows where to apply directly since i am an RN from the Philippines, an NCLEX-RN and IELTS passer and with Visa Screen certificate. Thanks...
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  3. by   blabber
    hi there! why don't you try looking at this website www.statesidenursing.co.uk. this is a UK based agency but they deal with filipino nurses as well and since you already have all the necessary requirements i think it'll be easier for you and for them. my friend signed up with them. i will try and ask another friend for her agency and i will post it again...hope this helps.
  4. by   suzanne4
    Sorry, but I deefinitely do not agree with the above poster. You need to first decide where you wish to work and then check out to see what is available there. Do not permit an agency to decide this for you.

    And if you are planning to work in the US, then I highly recommend that you use an agency that is based there, not in another country. Makes sense, does it not? Why would you want an agency that is in a third country? Much more time wasted on doing things.

    First homework for you to do is to decide state and area that you wish to work in. Then seek out the hospitals that are in that area. You have already passed your exams so you do not need help with that.
  5. by   blabber
    sorry suzanne...i think i'm making her more confused :smackingf ! you're right, she should really decide first what state she wants to work before scouting for agencies...Good luck!
  6. by   suzanne4
    And it is not even that. You are recommending an agency that is in the UK, and she is in the Philippines, and she wishes to work in the US. Makes no sense in the world to get a third country involved. And then just think of all of the delays with processing and sending something for signatures?

    Always best to use an agency, if you are using one, that is in the country where you wish to work. Not even that is in your country. They know the specifics of the facilities, have usually even seen them and been in the facility, and know the surrounding area.

    What can a recruiter tell you that works in another country? Let alone even know about the customs and the training of nurses in your country. Never a good idea to do that. Or you open yourself up to many problems, and have seen more than enough of them in the past.