Do I need CGFNS for I-140 in California?

  1. hello. i'm a bsn grad from the philippines. i'm planning to work in california so i directly applied for an nclex exam and didn't plan to take cgfns. however, friends and relatives have been informing me that since california is only issuing a temporary license without an sss number, i need my cgfns certification to file for i-140? is this true?

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    california is now requiring the foreign educated nurse applicant to provide a valid social security number. california will only issue a temporary license without the social security number. unfortunately, the ins will not accept a temporary license to file the i-140 and/or adjustment of status. as long as this situation exists, i would not recommend foreign educated nurses apply in california for purposes of filing the i-140 unless they are also a cgfns test passer. if they are a cgfns test passer with a pass on toefl, the i-140 petition can be filed. then if a concurrent adjustment of status and ead is filed, the nurse can apply for the social security card after the ead is received in about 90 days. then....with the social security card, the nurse can obtain the full license. however, with the temp license and the social security card, the nurse can begin to work.
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  3. by   lawrence01
    The link to the entire article isn't working so I can't comment on it but INS or USCIS is not specific to what State you will be going. Remember, USCIS is Federal and the req'ts to file for I-140 petition (from nurse's side) is only either proof of passing the NCLEX or CGFNS Exam.

    Did the author provide her source (hard source) ?

    Also, If the changes will be coming from USCIS then they would post it on their website ( There's nothing new there.
  4. by   lawrence01
    Also, it doesn't make sense. Why would they accept a proof of passing the CGFNS Exam (a non-licensure exam), and not accept a proof of passing the NCLEX Exam via CA BRN. Remember, you will still be given a letter by CA BRN that you passed the NCLEX. There's no difference bet. proof of passing the CGFNS Exam and proof of passing the NCLEX Exam.

    Yes, a foreign nurse will not be given her license from CA BRN until she gets her US SSN but USCIS only requires proof of passing the NCLEX Exam and/or the CGFNS Exam and this is regardless of what State you go eventually.
  5. by   batasMTR_RN
    CGFNS is not really a reaquirement but it can help in processing of i140 if you are not yet done with NCLEX.... so in short, if you already have nclex, why bother getting cgfns?

  6. by   lawrence01
    Pls. be careful on where you get your information. Not all in the web are accurate.

    If you do you some searches here at the Int'l forum you'll know that Suzanne doesn't recommend CA for initial licensure for the reasons of long processing time of 4-6 mos and another 3-4 weeks to get the result via snail mail and no license will be given for lack of US SSN. But to say that the CGFNS Exam only is required isn't accurate as well.

    Pls. note this link from USCIS:

    It firmly says that either CGFNS or proof of passing the NCLEX is needed. No mention of English Exams either. Proof of passing an English Exam is needed for the VisaScreen Certification w/c is needed later on.

    That being said, it is better to just go thru a State BON such as NM or VT and just endorse to CA BRN later on. Pls. don't make it hard on yourself. Your colleagues simply go thru either one of those and that's it.
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