Dialysis Nurse (plz Help!!)

  1. Good Day! im currently working as a staff nurse in a secondary hospital. i was assigned in the ward and in some cases when there is a need for an extra ICU nurse.. i have learned a lot during those times..

    after 4 months of working, the hrd head offered me to be the dialysis nurse, free training, increase in salary, and other incentives.. the only thing im worried about is the contract (i dont know how long.) i have plans of taking NCLEX this year and now im lost and dont know which to choose..

    i have been consulting diffent opinions and suggestions, some say yes but others like my uncle in the US tole me not to accept the offer because according to him i will just be stucked in that area and it will be difficult for me to find a job in the US.. how high is the need for a dialysis nurse in The US? what do you think about the offer!!

    tnx guys for reading and hoping for ypur reply..
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  3. by   msdreamchaser
    i guess to put your worries to rest ask first regarding the contract since that's the reason you can't decide...

    then once you know how long the contract is... then that's when you decide... prioritze what is more important to you? the offer? or your nclex? ayt?

    but for me you have a good offer and i would really think more than twice if ever it was offered to me... but then it will also take time to go to the u.s... so contemplate... god bless and keep us updated.
  4. by   czarina
    is there a bond to that hospital's contract? you can get the training and do your NCLEX too you know.:wink2:

    dialysis RNS are paid more becuase they're stationed in specialized area. look at the brighter side!