Dealing with the Steamrollers...

  1. Hi everybody,

    I recently had a run in with a class member who quite frankly would probably be able to hold with pride the title "Ms Steamroller". It was over a joint presentation to the class exercise that we had to complete, under circumstances that no matter how much I tried, my voice and 'contribution' was not going to be heard... for any attempt to say anything was overridden by her etc etc.

    Now I'm terrified of working 'skills' with her... which usually ends up the case as the remainder of the class are quick to buddy up with others so that they don't have to work with her. {I make this comment as I have debriefed with classmembers to see if it's just me or if there is a trend}

    BUT... I know I'm going to come across this in workplace, so just wondering, for those that have come across it, what would you have done differently? Can you offer any suggestions that might give me some confidence if I come across it again.

    For those that have a forthright and ummm, what was the term my team leader used, "procedure" focussed drive... how can we who are a bit 'softer' toughen up to deal with the bruisings and batterings we receive? {don't get me wrong, after years of childhood and teenage abuse, I'm one of the toughest nuts out there, but this was really demoralising}
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  3. by   buttercup99
    As you realise, it all comes down to assertiveness; something I would really like to pick up some skills on. I just finished a 4 week placement in the ED and one of the things I observed in experienced nurses was their level of assertiveness. It's something you improve in over time I suppose.

    If that was me, I'd just think to myself that she won't get on well as a nurse if she can't be a team player. I know it's hard getting through oral presentations and group work etc etc. Somehow you need to pre-empt any group work and set yourself up in a group. I'm the same in that I don't fit in with a clique so I get stuck with whoever as a partner.

    If you want more replies on this, post in the general section, there are many really experienced nurses who give great advice over there! Also, if you give a bit more detail it is easier to give an answer.
  4. by   FireStarterRN
    There is a good book called "Difficult People" and one of the types they mention is the 'Steamroller'. I recommend the book and they also have a video out which is entertaining and informative. Check out this link to the section of the book that talks about the steamroller.

    Here's a good article that discusses the subject:

    Here is where to get the book:
  5. by   Scrubby
    Um....i have a confession here. I have been accused of being a bit of a steam roller in the past. I'm a somewhat passionate person and not afraid to voice how i feel. I've come to realise though that there is value in listening to others.

    It's a hard thing for a person to face, that they are too caught up in their own opinions etc to stand aside and let someone else do the talking....maybe this person does not realise what they are doing..

    This would be my advice. If you do a stand up presentation with her again and she interrupts then you need to keep talking over her. Just keep talking and speak louder if you have to. If she doesn't get the picture then don't worry just keep talking. It will make her look stupid not you.

    You are probably going to face people like this in the workplace. You can let them walk all over you, or you can be assertive. You don't have to be hostile, but you need to quietly and firmly let them know that you won't tolerate being walked over.
  6. by   katie258
    Oh boy thankyou thankyou!! I used your advice with our resident steam roller and just kept giving handover this morning and when she asked for the same information she hadn't heard while she was talking we just said sorry that was said in handover while you were talking. It's all on the sheet anyway. She just about turned purple! LOL!! Then we went home! And we got out on time for a change because we didn't have to give it twice! LOL! Thankyou!!