Dalton Days?????

  1. Dalton Mcguinty is proposing that public service workers ie nurses, doctors teacher etc. temper their wage demands to help pay down the debt the liberals inherited from the tories. Ofcourse some of the tax cuts the tories imposed aren't being mentioned.
    I certainly hope that ONA and CUPE are not going to stand for anymore of this crap from the goverment. I think the threat of mass resignation that was employed on the east coast would be an excellent intervention in this particular case. Am I the only one who feels this way?

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  3. by   JMP

    I need to ask your source? I think the premier made a reference to what you are talking about- but quickly denied and then stated he in no way intended to ask the public servent sector to do what Bob Rae had done ( remember Rae Days?)

    CUPE and ONA are very different unions- and nurses are deemed essential workers in Ontario and we cannot strike- as I am sure you know. I realize you are talking about mass resignation- which I feel is not appropriate in this situation- since he backtracked on his remarks- remember it was teachers and nurses unions who backed the Liberals in Ontario.

    In the meantime, real and pressing issues involve full time positons for new nurses, is vital. How we can keep new grads who are leaving for full time positions in the US is the biggest single issue I can think of in health care at the present time- I certainly don't blame them for leaving.

    There are times when I sometimes wonder if the unions hurts us more than it helps us in our quest to be professional healthcare workers- just a question that I sometimes ask myself---- JMP
  4. by   JMP
    From what I can understand, the comment below is what got the whole thing started, the premier then denied he was talking about a wage freeze:

    To protect and improve public services, to protect existing jobs and add more jobs means that I'm asking our public sector partners to be reasonable and responsible at the bargaining table," McGuinty said as he entered a cabinet meeting.

    This was the union's reponse:

    If they are really entertaining ideas of having wage freezes, or Dalton Days, we would say those aren't reasonable and responsible positions," Robinson told reporters.

    The spin is really on the side of the union, lets not loose our heads.
  5. by   babynurselsa
    hehehehe, when I saw the thread title I thought you were referring to the Dalton Days commemoration that thye have back home..