1. [color=olive]hi guys!
    [color=#808000]i just checked the website of nclex
    [color=#808000]and ny is now accepting foreign nurses
    [color=#808000]but has to undergo cvs for ny state
    [color=#808000]how long does it take usually? i heared
    [color=#808000]12mos - 15 mos, and after that how will
    [color=#808000]i apply for nclex? and im just curios
    [color=#808000]do i need to take cgfns first before takeing
    [color=#808000]nclex? i learned that cgfns is a good start
    [color=#808000]on taking the nclex.. are two thesame??
    [color=#808000]they said nclex is a lot easire that cgfns..
    [color=#808000]thank you!
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  3. by   lawrence01
    it is not anymore recommended that you go thru cvs (ny) because it takes too long of a time for various reasons. unless, of course that is where you really want to work. only go thru cvs (ny) if that is where you want to work. otherwise, consider other states.

    to answer your other q, no you don't have to take the cgfns exam anymore if going thru cvs (ny) route.

    kindly, please post all q's pertaining to nclex applications and related subject matters in the international forum. the philippine forum is strictly for q's related to working in the philippines only as stated in the banner at the top of the web page. thank you.

    i will be moving your thread for you to that forum so that you don't have to start another thread or post again w/ the same topic.
  4. by   ashleytots
    ei, im also appyin for CVS in NY state.. im starting to answer the application form..and i think its a ling process i think its 6 months in process..gud luck for the both of us