Credential Evaluation Service

  1. Hi guys. Just want to know from you guys out there about your experiences with CFGNS CES. It has been 5 weeks and 3 days since we have completed our requirements and still no report as of the moment? I need some questions for you to answer.

    1. How many weeks exactly when you guys received your report form CGFNS?
    2. If your report comes out after the prescribed period of 4 to 6 weeeks. What was their reasons for the delay?

    Thank you and I will appreciate it much if you would reply soon.

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  3. by   Moldovan
    Hi! Unfortunatelly I've completed all requirements for the CES report approximately 3(!) and a half month ago! And I have not got it yet... I jast do not know what to do! I have sent them E-mails, phoned...but all my attempts were unsuccessfuly ... SOS! HELP! Who knows what can be done with it, how I should act in this situation. Is it possible to speed up CGFNS somehow?
    Thanks in advance!
  4. by   suzanne4
    I would like to know what requirements that you completed? The only requirements for the CES is a submission of your transcripts to be verified. No exam or anyhting else.

    CGFNS still has to verify things. They get thousands of documents in the mail on a daily basis. And yes, it usually takes at least six weeks, but more like several months before you will get the certificate.

    Because you completed everything, do you know for a fact that CGFNS has received them? Completing and receiving are two very different things.

    What does your account say on their website? Does it state that they have recieved them and they are waiting for review?
  5. by   jaypee88
    I got my CES report recently. It took CGFNS people to evaluate my documents in 7 weeks after they have receive my license from my country. My countless follow-up with a combination of endless e_mail and phone call and several encounters with unproffesional costumer service resulted in 7 weeks of waiting time. Luckily I am in United States right now that I was only calling their office via domestic calls only. Imagine you are outside this country and trying to get in touch with them.

    If there are rude costumer service there are also good people at CGFNS. A certain Brian was very polite and accomodating. He help me and my wife with the report. As for those people who have not got their report yet here is my advise to you;

    1. Never be afraid to call their costumer service and demand for your report to be finished in their prescribed time. They promise 4 to 6 weeks and so be it. They should finish the report as promised.

    2. Send them e_mail eventhough they are not responding. I was able so send them at least 50 email. I got no reply.

    3. Do not lose hope. We are doing this thing because we want to be legalized here in the United States. Other people goes here in this country and remain illegal. We Nurses follow the law. GOD is with us.

    4. And last is whatever your religion is, I advise you to pray. Pray that someone above will intervene and make it possible.

  6. by   Moldovan
    Thanks jaypee88!
    I will follow your advice . I will call them. I will send them e-mails ....and i hope - one day CGFNS will issue my CES report
    Good Luck!