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  1. I am planning on applying to Continental Travel Nurse in May. I have personally talked to a recruiter there and even went and visited their offices in London and was thoroughly impressed. I had a few questions if anyone could answer who maybe has had exposure/experience with this company:
    1.) They said the process to get registered and placed could take up to 6 months, is there anything that can be done on my part to shorten the process?
    2.) I am planning on living in London permanently, and according to the recruiter I can continue to renew my contract and work for them so as to get paid more then the typical nurse out there, is this true?
    3.) I plan on living with a friend (not using their housing), approximately how much money will I make a month/week? I know they provide a housing allowance and there are shift differentials.
    4.) What does CTN cover monetarily exactly in terms of getting registered?

    Just to give you some background, I am an A&E (ED) RN.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Not sure if getting registered will take 6 months, check out the NMC threads in this and the Nurse Registration forum