confusing december visa bulletin

  1. According the most recent visa bulletin (january sorry not december), Schedule A Workers: Employment First, Second, and Third preference Schedule A applicants are entitled to up to 50,000 "recaptured" numbers.

    This is quite confusing. I thought 50K visa are alloted for Schedule A only.
    Does this mean 1EB and 2EB also share the 50K? I guess it just depends on how USCIS interpret the law..
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  3. by   Todd-RN
    No, enfermeria, it just depends on who is on the schedule A list: registered nurses, physical therapists and e.g. artists. It does not matter, in which EB category their application is filed. Therefore, a registered nurse with a masters degree in nursing would be eligible for a schedule A visa, even if she applied in EB2.
  4. by   himdale
    I agree with Todd. Employment Based are based on educational qualifications. So a nurse with a four year degree course is considered under EB3, Schedule A.

    A nurse with an advance degree is considered EB2 and Schedule A. A nurse with an EXCEPTIONAL ABILITY like Eienstein but practicing as a nurse too can be considered EB1 and still Schedule A...

    Schedule A speaks of profession while EB speaks of educational attainment.

    All of them qualifies for a share in the 50k visa allotment. It is not merely wondering how laws are interpreted but it is understanding them and how it is being applied.