competency assessment test for with College of licensed practical nurses of manitoba.

  1. I currently work in South Africa as an RN. I applied to the College of licensed practical nurses of manitoba for licensure and they requested that I should undergo a competency assessment to determine my eligibility to take the national exam. Is there anyone who knows the nature of the test. I am just thinking that this may be a way to discourage IEN from registering as the culture of nursing and practice differ between the two countries. Thank you>
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    It is not a way to discourage IEN's from applying just a way of making sure your skills are the same as a Canadian new grad.
  4. by   blesrichie
    My concern is that most nurses from developing countries have the theoretical knowledge of nursing, they may not have the same level of competence due to poor resource in nursing. the nursing regulatory body should have allowed these nurses from developing countries sit the exam as most employers orient their new nurses to their hospital protocol. Nursing is an art and a science!
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Although hospitals will offer orientation it will differ between a new grad that trained in the country opposed to someone coming from another country. I had over 20 years experience when I came to Canada, I had to do some competencies to meet the provincial college of RN before I was allowed to sit CRNE and when I got my job I had 3 days orientation and then was on my own. I was fortunate that my colleagues assisted me on any queries I had but a lot was put on me to ask and not be expected to be told. As someone with experience in their own country they are expected to be able to show experience in their new country and a lot of the reasons why these competency requirements have come into place is because IEN's have come into the province and are lacking in basic skills therefore when assessed by the province you now have to prove that your skills match skills required if trained in Canada