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I received the letter from the Queensland nursing board that I have to take challenge test. What is that? something like NCLEX? Do I have to come to Australia for that? I have license in USA,... Read More

  1. by   markpaul
    Quote from estuh
    have you sent your transcript? that's what i sent and was accepted.
    Good for you, I sent also my transcipt but they need the course descriptor. including summary of skills etc...
  2. by   markpaul
    Quote from drednag
    Hi, Mark... is it the Course Descriptor? anyway, hope you find the answer soon. By the way, how long did it take for QNC to respond to your application? When did you submit your application? Im from Davao too.

    Yes, this is the course descriptor they are asking, Do you know about the summary of skills form?
    I sent my application 5 months ago.