Coming to the US - which agency ?

  1. Hello out there,
    I am interested in coming to the US with my family and looking for a Green Card Sponsor.
    I have seen, there are different agencies, recruiting international nurses.
    As I am really new here, I want to ask for your experience :

    Which Agency can you recommend ?
    What are conditions ?
    Are there any pitfalls in the contract ?
    What is the "breach fee" - just in case, that they put me to a place I don`t want to stay for long.

    Thank you for your opinion and recommendation.

    Btw : I already have a valid license in the US
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  3. by   SpidersWeb
    I highly recommend Avant Healthcare Professionals but it's based on my experience as a single person who's willing to take the risk of being placed basically anywhere in the US.

    Avant will sponsor an EB-3 for the RN and cosponsor all dependents. With them, your employment agreement will be 2-3 years after which you'll have the option to convert to hospital staff. Believe me, the hospital will be eager to make sure you feel comfortable since day one!

    Avant will ask you which states you'd prefer but they can't guarantee an opening that matches your skills at that specific time you'll be moving to the US. I've also assumed that since foreign nurses are hired to help with the nursing shortage, the cities/states one gets placed in won't be the most sought-after or the most populated. But it depends on your specialty as well, e.g. as an ICU nurse myself, I don't think I'll be sent me to any small town.

    As with any recruitment company, your hourly rate will be slightly less than if you were hospital staff. This is how they make a business. However, the minimum rate is set at around $25/hour or $48,700/year and will certainly be adjusted to prevailing wages and to how expensive the state is. You are free to work a PRN job and that's where your hourly rate will be adjusted to your education and years of experience as well as other merits such as certifications.

    The agreement doesn't state a specific fee for breaching the contract, so it must be different in each specific case. I suppose you'd have to cover all expenses they spent on you and it might be pretty expensive since lawyers certainly don't work for free. If you have a legitimate reason to not want to continue where they place you and all else fails, they'll find you another job.