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  1. Hi, I'm a new graduated RN nurse (international).
    I am going to write CNAt on June, there are some questions I'd like to know the answer:
    1. What is the passing score on the exam? I called CNO-they told me that the passing score is being changed every year according to the exam"s difficulty, it supposed to be evaluated according to Gauss curvature. However I really want to know at least approximate passing score. If anyone can answer me or at least tell what score you achieved and passed so I'll know where is the line?
    2. Any tips about questions?I studied according to NCLEX? Does CNAT have the same style of questions?

    Thanks in advance,
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  3. by   rnrncan
    When I graduated I was told the passing mark was in the mid to high 400's with a top possible mark of approx 750. We were told to aim high. I did very well with using the exam prep book and reviewing all my notes. ( took each section of the review text and any question that I was unsure of or got wrong reviewed that section in my texts and notes then did the comprehensive exam and again reviewed difficult questions ... worked for me!)
    Good luck